Official site for DJ Fil Latorre

Fil Latorre is a San Francisco-based DJ, prodcuer and event promoter that has been djing since 1993. His skills as a dj have garnered him high praise and critical acclaim. Less than a year after buying his first record, he won the first annual Fever/Buzz Battle of the DJs in Batlimore, Maryland, sparking critics and contemporaries alike to refer to him as a natural. Fil soon became a staple at events all over the country and Canada, playing at raves and clubs alike for various promoters in the Americas including the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Colombia, South America.

Among other residencies, in 1995, Fil co-founded the Dirty Crew with DJ’s David Javate and John-Michael. Together, the Dirty Crew coordinated one-off events featuring DJs such as Robbie Hardkiss, Scott Henry and Terry Mullan to name a few. The Dirty Crew moved on to establish their weekly party, Filtered at the Eighteenth Street Lounge’s now defunct, club Red. Filtered went on for almost 3 years and has been heralded as one of the best weekly underground club nights in DC’s history.

After djing on the West Coast multiple times where Fil received his best response, In 1999, he packed all his studio gear and records and moved to San Francisco. 5 months later, Fil co-founded Staple, along with Michael ‘Inhuman’ Minnich, Tony Roam and Jeff Brillhart. Staple was a weekly Saturday night event that showcased national and international talent like Glenn Underground, Alton Miller, Boo Williams, Stacey Pullen, Dan Bell, Layo & Bushwacka!, Jori Hulkonnen, Common Factor, John Tejada, Jeno, JT Donaldson, Lance DeSardi, Mark Ambrose, Alexi Delano and many more. After a 55 week run, staple – the weekly – called it quits.

That same year, Fil began working for a vinyl distribution company called tRC Distribution as their House/Techno buyer and reviewer.

In 2001, Fil reunited with David Javate to throw the monthly party Staple:Refuge at San Francisco’s famous house music mecca, the EndUp. Refuge brought back many of the guests from the original staple, and more. Staple went on at the EndUp for a little over a year.

Fil has been passionate about music all his life, from when he studied violin and piano during grade school through studying music theory at the University of Virginia and finally becoming an Audio Engineer. The next logical step being production, Fil has been working on original work for years, which he regularly plays in his dj sets.